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Vermi Compost

One of our products that we generate locally are the Vermi Compost.  Here we mix the kitchen and garden wast on a daily basis into the cow/horse/chicken manure. We receive the manure from a local donar. 

We make use of the red organic earthworm "Eisenia Fetidia" to turn the manure and waste into usable compost.

This prosess takes up to 12 weeks to complete before we can start the sifting of the compost.  This means we split the compost and the red earthworm.

After the sifting prosess the compost are packed in a marked 10kg Vermi compost bag.

These bags are ready for the market and the public can use this as potting soil in potplants, gardens and even on the grass.

Please contact us for more information or to buy any of the compost. This is also one of our ways to provide money to help those in suffering against the hunger.

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Protea Park Building, Sedaven Road, Heidelberg, 1442, Gauteng, South Africa.

PO Box 687, Heidelberg, 1441  

Tel: +27 (0)16 342 0309/10

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